About Us | Express Test ensures the highest quality tests and accurate results.
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About Us



• No hidden fees

• Confidential results, most within 24 to 48 hours for routing lab work

• Order from your doctor is NOT required

• A wide variety of Test

• Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Health Savings Cards, and Apple Pay accepted

• Affordable prices available for uninsured consumers

• Best deal available for elective procedure labs not covered by insurance

• EXPRESS TEST ensures the highest quality tests and accurate results.


Express Test offers convenient, affordable, and confidential lab testing.

You can order any lab tests you choose affordable, confidentially and conveniently from EXPRESS TEST

Low cost health care solutions to our local communities and beyond this service is accessible to people without insurance. EXPRESS TEST offers tests at up to an 50% savings over standard lab prices.

Your lab work results are uploaded to your personal email. Test results are not shared with anyone but you. And, for your convenience, you can fax your results directly to your physician with your consent.


EXPRESS TEST have the mission to provide affordable direct-to-consumer testing, the convenient solution for all medical laboratory needs. EXPRESS TEST offers a wide variety of lab tests without a physician's referral, We want our customers to know there is an alternative to managing your healthcare. We provide outstanding customer service with professionally-trained and dedicated staff. At EXPRESS TEST, the patient comes first.

Provide preventive testing and early detection of disease are important. Frequently, sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, are transmitted by patients who never knew they were infected. With so many diseases that can develop without symptoms, such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, and different types of cancer. A simple routine lab test can help detect many medical conditions.

Express Test ensures the highest quality tests and accurate results. We are associated with the country major fully accredited, certified, medical reference laboratories.